Area Attractions

Zion National Park

Even the godless will get some religion looking out on this national park, a promised land of rose-colored cliffs, dancing waterfalls, and (caution!) angels landing. Wandering this wilderness is no punishment, so take your time fording the river, reflecting at the reflecting pools, and bowing at the edges of canyons, shouting, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

Lake Powell

You like the beach but you’re kind of a desert guy, too. Why pick? At this colossal reservoir, water and sand meet in the perfect marriage. Sun yourself on the beaches, shade yourself in a cove and cut some serious lake glass on your waterskis — all in one place. Just don’t drop your sunglasses, ’cause baby, they’ll be gone.

Temple Square

So you wanna see an icon of Gothic architecture, get your bridal photos taken, listen to an award-winning choir and convert to an up-and-coming world religion, but you only have time for one stop? Hmm… where to go, where to go…

Park City

Check some celebrity sightings off your bucket list in this high-alpine boomtown, a former coal-mining epicenter and a current playground for the rich and outdoorsy and/or famous. Stroll Main Street pretending to take pics of the quaint buildings while actually playing paparazzi. If all else fails, photobomb the nearest A-list selfie and drown your sorrows in an expensive new down-alternative puffer coat.